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Neon Catcher
Neon CatcherYour goal is to catch same colored neon orbs with a ring. Neon catcher is an addictive one button game. Also includes five cool power-ups to help you get by.

Use your mouse to catch same colored neon orbs. Making successful catches gives you a time bonus and increases your score multiplier, but catching different colored orbs at once will break your combo. The more orbs you catch at once, the higher the score. The are also 5 cool powerups to be picked up as you play.

Classic mode is a continuous battle of quickly catching groups of orbs as you get power-ups and time bonuses for good combos.

Blitz mode is a quick 60 seconds game where you try to score as high as you can, without any time bonues.

Neon Catcher has been played 40,201 times.
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