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Second Wind
Second WindSecond Wind is a roguelike RPG in which you'll explore random dungeons as you battle monsters, upgrade your equipment and complete quests. You can choose and unlock new characters to play with, each character has 3 stats: dexterity, power and armor, which will increase or decrease during your adventure. Each character also has 3 unique battle moves, use them wisely!

The game may be a bit hard to get into if you're new to the genre. First select a character and learn about it's possible moves by clicking them. After that you can click the yellow "Begin"-button.

Fight monsters and other strange creatures by choosing any of your 3 battle moves.

When you're in a battle and almost out of life, click "Pot" to take a health potion or click "Run" to go off like a coward!

This game features some crazy characters and a humorous storyline, are you ready for the insanity?

Second Wind has been played 39,795 times.
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