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Amber Escape game walkthrough
  • You wake up in a strange room, tied down.

    • Look around, you'll need something to cut the wires.

    • There is a message in the ventilation shaft on your left. Read the message, and take the knife.

    • Use the knife on the wire to cut your self free.

  • You are now standing up.

    • Pick up the wire.

    • Pick up the rook chess figure (in the bowl).

    • The panel in the middle of the wall looks interesting, but we can't open it. The slot beneath it looks like it might be linked to it.

    • Turn to the right (the room with the painting and the bookcase).

    • Examine the lower left part of the painting, there is a roman numeral 9 on it.

    • Examine the whole painting, there is a safe behind it. We don't know the combination yet.

    • Turn to the right (to the room with the exit).

    • Take the queen figure.

    • Read the regulations (grates are required to open in case of fire).

  • Check the smoke detector, it doesn't appear to be working.

    • Open the smoke detector with the knife and examine it.

    • The red wires aren't connected. Use the knife to peel off the insulator.

    • Connect the wires with the wire from inventory.

    • The smoke detector is now working.

  • Turn to the right (room with the work desk).

    • Take a look at the painting, there is a roman number on it (3).

    • Force open the desk with the knife.

    • Turn the picture around, there is number 4 on the back.

  • Take a look at the chess board.

    • You'll need to trap the king with the queen and the rook.

    • Here is one way:

      Amber Escape walkthrough - Chess puzzle

    • Take the key.

  • Go to the safe room.

    • You now know the numbers for the combination (writen in roman numerals on the frames) - 3 4 9.

    • Take the postcard from the safe.

    • Examine the box in the safe.

    • It's a slider puzzle, here is the solution:

      Amber Escape walkthrough - Slider puzzle

    • Pick up the key.

  • Turn to the desk room.

    • Open the drawer with the silver key.

    • Take the things from the drawer.

  • Turn to the first room.

    • Use the keycard on the slot.

    • Use the gold key on the small keyhole under the display.

    • Examine the monitor.

    • You need to enter the commands. They are writen on the postcard and the manual.

    • When the commands are entered you need to confirm them with the enter key.

    • The commands that are needed:

      login rick sue

  • The door are now unlocked, but the grate is still bolocking the way.

    • Take the lighter by the keyboard.

    • Turn to the door room, and use the lighter on the working smoke detector.

    • The grate now opens, and you can click on the door to exit.

  • That's it, thanks for playing!