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Twin Moon Galaxy games
The Twin Moon Galaxy saga is a mysterious series of science fiction games. As a spaceship, the THK58 is attacked by unknown enemies, you desperately want to look what's going on.

You play as Sarah Harem, one of the original crew members of the space carrier, as you look for survivors in Return to the THK58. Together with your colleague Jack Zervus you embark on a journey in the unknown. The game is played as point and click adventure, where you need to interact with objects on the screen to progress through the story.

This story is retold in Twin Moon Galaxy: THK58, which is a turn based RPG game where you mainly need to travel through the dark tunnels in the spaceship as you battle robots and other creeps. The attacking moves are learned during the game, you become stronger as you level up.

Maia, a female cyborg, is the protagonist as the story continues with Escape the GCA Lab, where you find yourself locked in a capsule at a laboratory of the GCA corporation. Your goal is of course to get out of this messy situation! Solve puzzles to progress through this adventure game.