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Zombie games
Besides the common zombie shooting games, you can also be a zombie, throw zombies or crush them with your car.

Staying alive as a zombie is not an easy task! Prove yourself an effective zombie by playing Zombie Bites, a game where you become a zombie and have to eat brains to survive, in the mean time all people you've infected will also fight for their food. This game is a funny time waster with a nice style to it.

Zombie Smasher is the sequel to the game Pipol Smasher and contains some great fun and puzzles. Accelerate cars up to speed so they kill the zombies, but don't destroy the cars!

In the game Zombies Can Fly a new sport has taken the country by storm, zombie tossing for professionals. Maintaining the balance and making good landings is an important key to get further in the game, the upgrades will help you on your way.

But after all, shooting zombies still feels like a meaningful thing to do. Effing Zombies is a classic top-view shooter where you're left in an abandoned city and have to fight off hordes of brain-hungry zombies!