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Temple Escape game walkthrough
  • You find yourself inside of a temple in front of an exit.

    • The doors are locked and you can't reach them.

    • In order to reach them, you must solve a puzzle which is on the pillar.

      The Temple Escape walkthrough - Pilar puzzle

  • Move towards the doors.

    • Once you reach the doors you'll see you need 3 colored tablets to unlock the doors.

    • These 3 tablets are scattered through the room.

    • Next to the slots for the tablets there is a stone symbol on the floor. Pick it up.

    • Above the doors you'll see a part of the wall that is damaged and you can smash it with a bone. If you turn right to the next section of the room, you'll see the bone on the floor next to the skull.

    • On the same wall there's a wheel that can be rotated, but only if you put 2 stone symbols in slots located left and above the wheel.

    • Those 2 symbols can be found in wall cracks.

    • One crack is located on the same wall mention at the beginning, and another is on the pillar located in a room section to the right of the wall where the wheel is located.

    • Once you put the symbols inside their slots, you can rotate the wheel left and right. Rotate it until the inside heads fits the outside ones.

    • When the wheel is in the right position, you will be able to push round shaped buttons positioned left and right of the wheel. Once you push both buttons, the red tablet will come out. You only need to find 2 more.

      The Temple Escape walkthrough - Wheel puzzle

    • Above the wheel there is a round shaped stone that you can pull out. You will need this one later.

    • Below the wheel there is a slot for a stone of certain shape. You'll need to come back here later when you have the stone.

    • If you move right to the next section of the room you'll see big lion heads on the wall. You can click their noses and the stones inside of them will change. You need to find right combination and yellow tablet will drop out. The combination is written in section of the room where the main doors are, on the right pillar.

      The Temple Escape walkthrough - Door puzzle

    • The code itself is to small to be read without a magnifier. A magnifying glass can be found in the same section where the big lion heads are. It's in the mud on the floor.

    • Next to the heads, on the right you'll see a pillar and small crack on it. The crack can be smashed with a bone.

    • On the floor is a slot for a symbol that has similar shape to capital letter T. You should have picked that stone next to the main doors. Place it in the slot.

    • When you turned right again, you'll see the final section of the room.

    • On the left side there' a bowl, and inside of it a stone that can be placed in the section of the room where the big wheel on the wall is.

    • On the floor you can place a round shaped stone picked up earlier.

    • Each of the stones you've placed on the floor in certaint section of the room have activated one of the lights in the final section of the room.

    • Using the levers you need to force all lights in the middle. Once you've done that a final tablet will come out.

      The Temple Escape walkthrough - Table puzzle

    • Return to the section where the doors are and put all three tablets in their slots. The doors will open and you can escape the temple.